corten steel planter construction stage 1

Corten steel planter 72″ x 24″ panels used for center section of planter

corten steel 3' planter cube

36″ x 36″ square corner end units

corten steel planter construction part2

Rectangular and square planters made using corten panels screwed together with TEK screws

Corten 36″ tall planter cube, next to 24″ tall long planter

Corten planter using 4 off 72″ x 24″ retaining panels

corten steel planters joined together

Corten planter corners using 2″ x 2″ square corners joiners, round corner joiners are also available

Draft 3D corten planter layout provide with quote
If you are not sure what parts you require, please email us pic and/or a sketch of your requirements

corten panel corner joiner close up

90deg external corner panel joiner close up

corten external corner panel joiner parts

Back view of 90deg external corner panel joiner, all parts are pre drilled for easy installation

Corten 90deg internal corner panel joiners, these come in 45deg external and internal options